Family Caregivers

Trained or untrained, CAREgivers Insight improves how you care for your child or your parent. See gradual health changes and monitor personalized issues in real time.

Guided Care Aid – Monitor issues with customized diagnosis-based questions

Comprehensive questions:  Up to 68 different issues to monitor

Main categories:  Mental health, Physical health, Vitals, Care environment, and Medication Administration.

Reduce stress – See and treat issues sooner, before they become an emergency

Empowered Care – Alter care daily routines based on health trends

Save time – No more summarizing summaries – Pictures are worth a thousand words!

Share insights with family:  Keep everyone in the loop

Stay Connected

Invite your care team to see current trending health conditions, anywhere, in real time while on the go.   Our mobile app empowers your care team to see health trends and take appropriate non-medical action.

Additional Areas of Care

Care Agencies

CAREgivers Insight’s guided interface makes it quick and easy for your staff to see emerging health issues.  Improve and make seamless planned and unplanned shift and caregiver changes. 

Healthcare Providers

Monitor unique and comprehensive health issues for patients at home.   Improve workflow – schedule therapies based on current health situation, see patients’ immediate care needs, and take proactive steps to emerging health issues from turning into emergencies.

Care Facilities

Empower your staff to treat patients with trending health issues and reduce preventable medical interventions.  Share real-time updates with families on how their loved one is doing.